"Steeling" the Show

Featured in the Australia National Construction Review

With more than ten years of experience within the industry, Concrete Reinforcement Services are a steel fixing company able to deliver cost and time efficient solutions to a range of projects throughout Australia.

Having worked on a number of prolific projects, such as Sydney's M7, the Parramatta-Chatswood Railway and the Lane Cove Tunnel, Concrete Reinforcement Services were also recently involved on the $500 million Port Botany Expansion Development.

Encompassing an additional 1,850 metres of extra berth length, through reclamation of 63 hectares of land, five new shipping berths, dedicated road and rail access, as well as a public boat launching ramp and parking, the significant Botany expansion is expected to almost double the current capacity of the Port.

Noel O'Neill, Director of Concrete Reinforcement Services, said that throughout their involvement, their professional team were responsible for carrying out all of the steel fixing on the Port's counterforts, walls and buttresses, which required 10,000 tonnes of steel and 6,000 tonnes of steel in the crane rail and cope beam.

"A unique aspect of the product we used whilst working on the Port Botany Expansion development, was that we directly imported the steel, already pre-welded and spliced, from Thailand," Mr O'Neill said. "These pre-fabricated steel structures were extremely time effective for the project in the fact they greatly enhanced and facilitated the installation process," he said.

Given the significant size of the development, Concrete Reinforcement Services did face a number of challenges whilst working on the project. "Our biggest challenge was that we were required to install over 350 tonnes of steel every week, which was an immense scale and as a result, created a lot of pressure for us," Mr O'Neill said. "However, using our industry expertise and professionalism, our committed and driven team were able to deliver successful results and a quality product for the client," he said.

Based on the recent success of the Port Botany Expansion Project completion, as well as their pioneering steel installation techniques and product range, Concrete Reinforcement Services will continue to remain at the forefront of the steel fixing industry.

Concrete Reinforcement services have also just won a tender to work on Thiess' Hunter Express Alliance which will require 6,500 tonnes of steel to be installed.






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